RONUA December Meeting
Tuesday, January 20, 2009 by Tudor Turcu

As most of you probably know, ISDC was the host of the last RONUA ( ) meeting, organized at 21 november 2008. Even if the main theme was "TechEd 2008 Review", due to the speed in which the technology evolve, we talked also about subjects which are even more recent, like Cloud Computing.

The speaker was Aurelian Popa (MVP, from Bucharest, which is also the RONUA "father") and he introduced some cutting-edge subjects - what will bring the next version of Visual Studio (2010), the next C# version (4.0) which goes closer in the direction of dynamic languages and transparent parallel computing.
Probably the most interesting subject was about the new cloud computing initiative from Microsoft (‘Azure') and how this will influence the future of .NET development.

Because we are not just programmers, everyone had the opportunity to receive a RONUA t-shirt, in exchange for a donation for a child from an African country - a recent humanitarian initiative of AXTI/RONUA ( ).

If you want to see more photos from the event, you can find them at .
We are looking forward for more meeting this year, so stay tuned..

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